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We believe yoga is for everyone. That's why we offer 6 distinct styles of adult yoga --- from sweaty to soft --- plus classes for kids and specialized offerings to support students through the process of childbirth and parenthood. 


While each class is different, our mission is always to guide our students inward through the practice of yoga.

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From Kids to Adults, we make yoga accessible.

Looking for a community yoga vibe? That's OUR DHARMA.


We are a gathering spot for health & wellness. Our teachers come from all walks of life but have lots in common—including a commitment to how we guide the powerful practice of yoga.


We believe the practice is about you.


What you need will be different day-to-day and that’s why we offer a range of classes.


Our job is to support YOU in the work you do and to make the tools of yoga tangible both on and off the mat.


Wanna hear more about who we are and what’s {sacred} to us?


In Person + Virtual CLASSES


77 Georgia Ave SE Atlanta, GA

{SACRED} YOGA is designed as an oasis for non-heated, creative, breath-oriented flow and a plethora of stillness-based classes.  Our signature style, {sacred}flow is creative power vinyasa but our range is broad, keeping yoga accessible to anyone with interest.  And, our studio rooms are spacious with room to breathe without feeling cramped. .  



Enjoy the freedom of practicing with your favorite teachers anytime from your own home. With over 300 classes that range from chair yoga to handstand tutorials, there is something for everyone.


We asked our students to describe their experience practicing here and they used words like “nurturing”, “inclusive”, “compassionate”, “genuine” and “community-oriented”.


Are you looking for a yoga studio to call home? We invite you to practice with us.





Access to adult group yoga at both studios, mat storage, & discounts on workshops with your favorite {sacred} Yoga teachers… If you’re practicing twice a week - this is THE best deal and commitment has its perks!


(Monthly Auto Renew can be canceled anytime after 3 months)

Kids 4-Pack

LIttle Yoga


Kids LOVE yoga and our Little Yoga Classes are built to establish healthy habits, encourage creative play and build community.  Yes, kids need community too!

Each 4-pack is good for up to 3-months so grab one and join us when you can!

One Year



Ready to lock in membership within a diverse community of amazing people? Wanna establish a routine and benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable, compassionate teacher?  Grab a Year Membership for Full Access to Group Adult Classes at both studios. 


Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy, everything changes - even if you can't see it all right now.  While lots of prenatal students may feel comfortable in "all levels" classes, there is something to be gained from the camaraderie, knowledge, and energy of a prenatal practice.

In prenatal yoga we work on stability above flexibility,

we form bonds beyond the mat,

and we create the beginning memories of this precious relationship with your beloved child.

We highly encourage even the most seasoned and dedicated student to slow down during pregnancy and embrace the journey you're cultivating.

Come move with us.


Classes are held weekly in Summerhill and are included in Adult Memberships or can be purchased as part of a series.


We're Going to Bali Portugal & Greece in 2024

Ready to take your yoga off the mat? Join us on Retreat for a week of "yogic living" for one (or more) of our upcoming retreats...

Bali, May 2024

Greece, July 2024

Portugal, Sept 2024

Slow is Strong, too.

We believe in all styles of breath-oriented yoga from fluid to steady but especially aim to normalize slowing down.  Slow is strong, fact, often it's stronger and more nourishing that moving at warp speed. 

Wanna check out slower styles...take a peak!


Always Invest in Your Own Growth.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowingly something deeply in your soul, and that is the process of our Immersion and Teacher Training Programs.


Whether you truly want to teach studio classes, are looking to integrate yoga into your current work or just want to feed the practice that has fed you...taking our 200HR Yoga Certification is a “yes” to your growth in so many ways.

Interested in Training with us but want to get a feel for our style? 

Check out our 2022-2023 Embodied-Learning Experiences. Each one is a "lighter" version of our 200HR cirriculum and give you depth around the practice of yoga and a taste of who we are as a studio.

Ready to dive into a 200HR? Already teach and want to advance your craft?

Take a peak at our 200 & 300 Hour Training programs.

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