The Home for Inspired Yoga in Atlanta

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Looking for a community yoga vibe? That's OUR DHARMA.


We are a gathering spot for health & wellness - with studios in East Atlanta and Summerhill.  Our teachers come from all walks of life but have lots in common—including a commitment to how we guide the powerful practice of yoga.


We believe the practice is about you.


What you need will be different day-to-day and that’s why we offer a range of classes.


Our job is to support YOU in the work you do and to make the tools of yoga tangible both on and off the mat.


Wanna hear more about who we are and what’s {sacred} to us?



We believe yoga is for everyone. That's why we offer 6 distinct styles of yoga --- including vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, yoga nidra and meditation.


While each class is different, our mission is always to guide our students inward through the practice of yoga.


Sometimes this happens with a purely physical, sweaty practice. Sometimes this happens by examining the ancient texts of yoga and making the lessons tangible for you on the mat. Sometimes we get completely out of the way to let you rest and be with your mind and body exactly how it is today.


Each of our 6 class styles can be taken alone or as a “fusion” and are part of a balanced approach to health & wellness.




Our studio is spacious with room to breathe without feeling cramped. We offer vaccinated & “open to all” classes 7 days a week at our two Atlanta-based studios.  Our signature style, {sacred}flow is creative power vinyasa but our range is broad, keeping yoga accessible to anyone with interest.



Enjoy the freedom of practicing with your favorite teachers anytime from your own home. With over 300 classes that range from chair yoga to handstand tutorials, there is something for everyone.



We asked our students to describe their experience practicing here and they used words like “nurturing”, “inclusive”, “compassionate”, “genuine” and “community-oriented”.


Are you looking for a yoga studio to call home? We invite you to practice with us.


Monthly Membership



Access to adult group yoga at both studios, mat storage, & discounts on workshops with your favorite {sacred} Yoga teachers… If you’re practicing twice a week - this is THE best deal and commitment has its perks!


(Monthly Auto Renew can be canceled anytime after 4 months)

New Student  Membership



Get unlimited access to adult yoga classes at our most competitive rate by locking it in early! Your first month is just $49 and each month after you get a $15 discount plus all the perks of membership!   

This member special is ONLY available upon first visit so...choose carefully <3 

8-Class Adult



Practicing a few times a week but not ready to commit? The speed-pass gives you a nice price break and helps support a frequent & consistent practice.  The speed-pass expires after 4 months but if you purchase another we’ll always roll unused classes into your next pass with us!


We're Going to Greece in 203

Join {SACRED} YOGA in Bali in 2022...

Our Summerhill studio is OPEN.

We are excited to open a new space for the community that got us through the highs and lows of the Pandemic. Our home in Summerhill is located at 77 Georgia Ave SE near the old Turner Field.  We have adult, kids, and prenatal options to make yoga accessible for as many beings as possible. 


Always Invest in Your Own Growth.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowingly something deeply in your soul.  And that is the process of Teacher Training. Whether you truly want to teach studio classes, are looking to integrate yoga into your current work or just want to feed the practice that has fed you...taking our 200HR Yoga Certification is a “yes” to your growth in so many ways.