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Our 200-hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Certification opens the door to the complete system of Yoga.


Join us in January 2025



A {sacred} Flow 200HR Immersion is a personal journey for those looking to rejuvenate their physical practice & move beyond a purely physical definition of yoga.  We layer pranayama, mantra, meditation, mudras, and storytelling into each {sacred} Flow class and focus on these elements in our training. Because we are committed to enabling strong teachers immediately, your skills can be put to use working in the community, advocating for yoga in corporate environments, teaching in a studio setting, improving your personal connection to yoga and creating an empowered home practice.
Our program is unique because we weave in trauma-sensitivity, inclusivity, service work, and social entrepreneurship.  Graduates have gone on to open studios, develop community programs, integrate yoga into schools & medical settings and change their communities!  Our next training is in weekend format with a virtual session Thursday evenings and in-person sessions on Friday night, and Saturday & Sunday daytime.


History of Yoga Yoga


Philosophy - 8-Limbed Path


Alignment Principles


Anatomy & Physiology


Mantra / Japa Mantra / Bhakti


Sublte Body Wisdom

Chakras, Koshas, Vayu's








Stillness Practices (Yin/Restorative/Nidra)


Hands on Adjustments


Creative Sequencing


Business of Yoga


Dharma of Teaching / Development of Your Voice


Creative Vinyasa




Yin Yoga


Restorative Yoga


Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Ready to take the plunge but on a budget?





$400 Deposit, Five Monthly Payments of $580 starting in December



Fun Fact:

"I once snuck into a happening night spot (that was not letting people in) through the back kitchen."

Annelise Krisoffersen

Alignment, Energetics, Creative Sequencing,  Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Teaching Methodology.
Cassandra Ferland

Philosophy, Pranayama, Alignment & teaching methodology.

Fun Fact:

"I once snuck into a happening night spot (that was not letting people in) through the back kitchen."


Our program starts with an Online Foundational Training. This is a short, go-at your-own-pace course to level-set our group and introduce basic concepts and elements of yoga philosophy so that our weekends together can go deeper! Expect to spend about 8 hours of your own time studying with us online (at your own pace). You'll receive access to our online course in late November to allow you time to browse before our in-person schedule beings in January.

Weekends run Thursday & Friday evening from 6:00-8:30P and 9A-4P on Saturday & Sunday. Thursdays are virtual learning days with us meeting live on zoom.  There is one in person Thursday session on March 13th.  All other weekend days (F/Sa/Su) are in person in studio.  Our 2025 schedule is...

January 9-12, 2025

January 23-26, 2025

February 6-9, 2025

February 20-23, 2025

March 6-9, 2025

March 13, 2025 (in-person)

March 27-30, 2025

April 10-13, 2025

April 24-27, 2025

May 10th (Seva Project & Gradutation

Ready to take the plunge but on a budget?



  • What is the time commitment for the 200HR training?
    Our 200HR program begins in January and runs through May. During this time we meet every other weekend. Our schedule is generally as follows: Thursday Evening (6:00-8:30P) - via Zoom Friday Evening (6:00-8:30P) - In Summerhill Studio Saturday (9:00-4:00P) - In Summerhill Studio Sunday (9:00-4:00P) - In Summerhill Studio
  • Is this training appropriate for me if I don't want to teach or am not sure about my interest in teaching?
    Absolutely! Our yoga teacher training program is designed for individuals who are passionate about yoga and want to deepen their practice, regardless of their future intentions. Our program provides a comprehensive understanding of yoga, including its philosophy, history, and techniques, which can benefit individuals in many aspects of their life. Even if you do not intend to teach, our training can help you gain a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit and enhance your overall well-being. You'll learn concepts that simply aren't able to be shared in a 60 minute class format. Many of our past participants have remained lifelong students and still deeply value the foundation training provided them.
  • What if I need to miss a session?
    We allow up to 12 hours of self-study make up time. This means your lead teacher will assign you a self-guided project to be completed within 3 weeks of the missed session. Beyond the 12 hours of missed time, participants who wish to be certified with Yoga Alliance must make up any additional time with "teacher contact hours". This can be done through a combination of attending workshops or private 1-on-1 sessions with a faculty member. Workshops are a more affordable option but must be lead by Sacred Yoga teachers (preferably faculty). We can work with you to help set up a make up plan in advance so that we are sure that we get in front of your needs. If you do not plan to get Yoga Alliance certified - which is not required by many studios anymore, then you're welcome to attend what you can. If you do plan to be absent our only requirement is that you let the lead faculty for that session know at least two weeks in advance (unless your absence is resulting of an emergency or illness). This allows us to plan properly for the rest of the group.
  • What is the total cost of training and what is included?
    Our 2024 200HR Program is $3300 with a monthly payment plan or $2,999 with a lump sum payment thru Oct 1st. Payment plans have a $400 deposit and 5 even monthly installments. Cost includes: Our full 200HR Program 12 In Person Classes at Sacred Yoga in Summerhill (6 Must be Taken with Lead Instructors) Access to our Online Platform for Virtual Classes Manual, a Yoga Sutra Text, and an Anatomy Text During the duration of training you'll also get 50% off additional classes and 10% off workshops. You'll also need to purchase two additional texts and be given a recommended reading list to supplement training (at your leisure and option - before or after the program).
  • How do I apply for training?
    We do not currently have an application process. We've found even when we set a standard of what's necessary to be accepted - applications are often misleading and those who we expect to be most prepared are not always. We don't believe in sitting in judgement of your experience - we trust that you'll know when you're ready to dive in deeply... We've found that the biggest hurdle to training is having the time to do it. If you're able to attend without missing a lot of time, and willing to make this commitment we invite you to put a deposit to hold your space.

Wanna learn the foundations of Ayurveda or Yin Yoga?

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