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The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. ~ Steven Spielberg

Miles Davis said "It takes a long time of playing, to play like yourself" and when it comes to the art of teaching yoga - truer words were never spoken.

During a 200Hr Training, there is often a lot to grasp, and even the most effective training program doesn't always leave space for you to develop your voice as a teacher.  

That takes time. 

But crafting an intentional, authentic approach to teaching often requires more than just time exploring on your own.  

This program offers the feedback and support you need to refine your skills and grow into a master teacher. You will be encouraged to reflect and think critically about teaching yoga and develop your skills in the direction you desire. At it's heart, this program supports your growth in an authentic way as your create your own personal style that is uniquely "you".

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Teaching 

Are you a passionate yoga teacher seeking to deepen your expertise and enhance your teaching skills? Are you a 200HR graduate who wants extra guidance and an opportunity to hone your skills before teaching?

Does community matter - like really matter?


Our program is designed with you in mind.

Embark on a Journey of Personal and Professional Growth.

Master Your Craft.

Gain insights from your experienced mentors who will guide you in refining your teaching techniques, sequencing, and alignment principles. Elevate your skills to the next level.

Personalize Guidance.

Receive one-on-one mentorship tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our mentors are committed to helping you flourish as an individual and as a yoga instructor.


Connect with like-minded peers and create a network of support. Share experiences, challenges, and successes within a nurturing community of fellow yoga teachers.

Advanced Training.

Dive deep into advanced yoga practices, philosophy, and anatomy. Enhance your understanding of the ancient teachings and integrate them into your modern teaching style. Plus, this mentorship includes the entire "The Art of Assisting" program held on Saturdays each month starting in February. 

Business Acumen.

Learn valuable insights into the business side of yoga teaching. From marketing yourself to managing classes, our program equips you with the tools to succeed in a competitive industry.

Continued Learning.

Overcome self-doubt and gain the confidence to lead impactful and transformative classes. Develop your unique teaching voice and style with the guidance of experienced mentors.

Boost that confidence!

 Your path to becoming the best version of yourself as a yoga teacher starts with believing in yourself.  Particularly for those who've taken a 200HR but don't have extensive teaching experience, this program can help launch you on the path to teaching with ease. 


Payment Plan


$300 Deposit Due at Registration, plus $200 per month for 4 months

Single Payment


Save $100 by paying upfront
Single Payment for Max Commitment

How it Works 

Our 2024 mentorship program starts in August 2024 and runs through December, 2024. During this time you'll have a weekly class to assist, monthly mentor calls, and modules on sequencing and assisting to help build your skill for engagement.

Registration is now open! 

The program is small-group style and will give you access to weekly "in class" assisting, a combination of in-person and live virtual learning, monthly mentorship calls, and teaching opportunities. 

During your mentorship you will:

  • Uncover your authentic voice and learn to lead in an intentional way

  • Develop next-level sequencing techniques to enhance your class in a safe and interesting way

  • Boost your self-confidence and gain a plan for your teaching with the guidance and best-practice-support of your mentor

  • Gain hands-on adjustment skills and learn techniques for building strong relationships with your students

Your time & energy commitment will include

  • A consistent weekly class to assist in our studio in Summerhill

  • Once a month in person "Art of Assisting" workshop to learn safe and effective adjustment techniques held the first Saturday afternoon of each month

  • In-person/Virtual Sequencing Module / 

  • Monthly mentorship calls held the last Sunday evening of each month (except November Call)

  • Developing and presenting a business plan that will be fine-tuned through the course of this mentorship.

You will leave this mentorship with:

A clear, confident and intentional approach to teaching

A thoughtful, practiced approach to sequencing that aligns to your personal philosophy and ensures student safety

A mission & business plan, plus inspired tactics to build your business whether you're an "instudio teacher", want to lead series and retreats or combine your yoga work with another professional skillset.



Untitled design.png


Your Mentorship Schedule

Saturday August 3rd


Orientation - 12P

The Art of Assisting Module 1 - 1:00-4:00P

Standing Poses & Sun Salutations

& Teacher's Practice - 4:30-5:30P

Wee of August 5th

Weekly In Class Assisting Begins

Week of August 12th

Weekly In Class Assisting 

Week of August 19th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Saturday February 24th

Intelligent Sequencing Workshop 1


Sunday August 25th


Monthly Zoom Mentor Call + Foundations of Business

Week of August 26th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Sept 2nd

Weekly In Class Assisting

Saturday, September 7th

The Art of Assisting Module 2

Twists, Standing, Seated, Reclined



Week of Sept 9th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Sept 16th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Sept 23rd

Weekly In Class Assisting

Sunday Sept 29th


Monthly Zoom Mentor Call 2 + Foundations of Business

Week of Sept 30th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Saturday Oct 5th


The Art of Assisting Module 3


Week of Oct 7th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Oct 14th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Oct 21st

Weekly In Class Assisting

Sunday Oct 27th


Monthly Zoom Mentor Call 3 + Foundations of Business


Saturday, Nov 2nd


The Art of Assisting Module 4

Inversions & Arm Balances


Week of Nov 4th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Nov 11th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Sunday Nov 17th


Monthly Zoom Mentor Call 3 + Foundations of Business

Week of Nov 18th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Week of Nov 25th


Week of Dec 2nd

Weekly In Class Assisting

Saturday Dec 7th

The Art of Assisting Module 5


Forward Folds + Seated Hip Opening


Week of Dec 9th

Weekly In Class Assisting

Final Gathering + Business Review

TBD in December 

(based on schedules of our mentors and you)


Payment Plan


$300 Deposit Due at Registration, plus $200 per month for 4 months

Single Payment


Save $100 by paying upfront
Single Payment for Max Commitment


  • What is the time commitment for the 200HR training?
    Our 200HR program begins in January and runs through May. During this time we meet every other weekend. Our schedule is generally as follows: Thursday Evening (6:00-8:30P) - via Zoom Friday Evening (6:00-8:30P) - In Summerhill Studio Saturday (9:00-4:00P) - In Summerhill Studio Sunday (9:00-4:00P) - In Summerhill Studio
  • Is this training appropriate for me if I don't want to teach or am not sure about my interest in teaching?
    Absolutely! Our yoga teacher training program is designed for individuals who are passionate about yoga and want to deepen their practice, regardless of their future intentions. Our program provides a comprehensive understanding of yoga, including its philosophy, history, and techniques, which can benefit individuals in many aspects of their life. Even if you do not intend to teach, our training can help you gain a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit and enhance your overall well-being. You'll learn concepts that simply aren't able to be shared in a 60 minute class format. Many of our past participants have remained lifelong students and still deeply value the foundation training provided them.
  • What if I need to miss a session?
    We allow up to 12 hours of self-study make up time. This means your lead teacher will assign you a self-guided project to be completed within 3 weeks of the missed session. Beyond the 12 hours of missed time, participants who wish to be certified with Yoga Alliance must make up any additional time with "teacher contact hours". This can be done through a combination of attending workshops or private 1-on-1 sessions with a faculty member. Workshops are a more affordable option but must be lead by Sacred Yoga teachers (preferably faculty). We can work with you to help set up a make up plan in advance so that we are sure that we get in front of your needs. If you do not plan to get Yoga Alliance certified - which is not required by many studios anymore, then you're welcome to attend what you can. If you do plan to be absent our only requirement is that you let the lead faculty for that session know at least two weeks in advance (unless your absence is resulting of an emergency or illness). This allows us to plan properly for the rest of the group.
  • What is the total cost of training and what is included?
    Our 2024 200HR Program is $3300 with a monthly payment plan or $2,999 with a lump sum payment thru Oct 1st. Payment plans have a $400 deposit and 5 even monthly installments. Cost includes: Our full 200HR Program 12 In Person Classes at Sacred Yoga in Summerhill (6 Must be Taken with Lead Instructors) Access to our Online Platform for Virtual Classes Manual, a Yoga Sutra Text, and an Anatomy Text During the duration of training you'll also get 50% off additional classes and 10% off workshops. You'll also need to purchase two additional texts and be given a recommended reading list to supplement training (at your leisure and option - before or after the program).
  • How do I apply for training?
    We do not currently have an application process. We've found even when we set a standard of what's necessary to be accepted - applications are often misleading and those who we expect to be most prepared are not always. We don't believe in sitting in judgement of your experience - we trust that you'll know when you're ready to dive in deeply... We've found that the biggest hurdle to training is having the time to do it. If you're able to attend without missing a lot of time, and willing to make this commitment we invite you to put a deposit to hold your space.


Cassandra Ferland
leads The Art of Assisting and serves as a lead mentor

IMG_0226 edit.jpg

As a long time student, skilled touch provided by trusted teachers had a profound effect on my practice, and sparked my passion and love of hands-on assists. An integral part of my own training was assisting a mentor for over a year, giving hands-on adjustments to students in her class. I saw firsthand the power of touch to add depth to the yoga experience. But I also recognized the challenges. Biomechanics, the nervous system, consent, power dynamics between teacher and student, the energy behind touch - a nuanced understanding of all of these is vital to providing a safe container for our students. This is why I felt called to create this program. 


As a 500-hr Yoga Alliance certified Senior teacher, I have been a lead teacher in 200 and 300-hr Teacher Trainings since 2013. In 2018, The Art of Assisting was born, to give teachers the opportunity and time to work with all these aspects of touch, and I’ve been leading it ever since. Working deeply with other teachers to expand their skillset is my happy place!


Training: Ishta Yoga NYC, 500HR

Specialty training: Anatomy, Injury Management, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal, Trauma-Informed Teaching, and Hands-on Adjustments

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