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Yoga works….but only if you do it, so go ahead and book a class.  If you’re new, start your registration process by creating a Mindbody account. Read on to see our full schedule and learn more about our workshops!


Start your registration process by creating a Mindbody account.  Then log in to select a class and you will be prompted for payment options.


Signing up in advance is highly encouraged in order to reserve a space.


We have a 4-hour cancellation window so if you can no longer attend, log in to your account and cancel. Classes canceled more than 4 hours before class start will be added back to your profile for future use.  All reservations must be made and canceled via the schedule software (sorry no emails!).

As we have TWO amazing locations - please note whether the class is at Sacred Fire in East Atlanta or {SACRED} YOGA in Summerhill. Checking the location and the room will give you the guidance you need.





Parent's Night Out

Wanna get a breather AND give your kids a big treat? Join us for our monthly Parent's Night Out "Little Yoga" event on Saturday, June 10th from 6:00-8:15P

Your child will enjoy a 60-minute yoga practice for kids, mini art project, dinner, and wind down with yoga nidra (it's a type of meditation that kids love) and a short sound that they are ready for bed time <3

Saturday, Dec 2nd with Jamie Lorello
Summerhill Studio
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Yoga for Yoga Teachers

Are you an active yoga teacher? Or a 200HR Graduate looking for inspiration?

Our Yoga for Yoga Teachers practice is a monthly offering designed for yoga teachers to experience different teaching styles, class formats and taught in a way that honors your own wisdom and learned approach to the practice - but offers opportunities to explore the nuggets of wisdom each month's teacher shares from their personal practice and studies. 

This practice is free.  Yoga teachers deserve a space to be a student and we offer this as our seva to the profession of teaching.  

Each month we'll have a different teaching guide.  This month's lead is Nya Daley.  She is an amazing teacher with an eye on smart sequencing, she builds a practice that balances tone & flexibility and prepares you for more advanced physical asanas.  

Led by Cassandra Ferland
Saturday, December 2nd 4:30PM
Summerhill Studio
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Parent's Morning Out

Wanna get a breather AND give your kids a big treat? Join us for Parent's Morning Out...

This monthly "Little Yoga" gathering includes yoga practice, art, and creative play and helpfs establish our connection to nature and the building blocks for a mindfulness practice for our Littlest Yogis.  Ages 2-7 welcome. 

Saturday, Dec 16th with Jamie Lorello
Summerhill Studio
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Winter Solstice Sound Journey

Winter Solstice has been celebrated for lifetimes and is known as a time of rebirth. By allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and experience our own darkness, the darkness itself can become the cradle into which our inner light and new life is born.

Join us on December 21st for an Immersive Sound Journey honoring the Winter Solstice. We will honor the longest "nightfall" of the year, the start of winter and the moment when the Sun begins to climb again through the gift of deep rest.

What to Expect?
Yoga nidra
Auditory and Visual stimulus
Closing mediation
Time for Journaling/Reflection

Soundbath, Journaling for Solstice
with Sarah Leatherman
Thursday, Dec 21st 6:30P in Summerhill
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Yin for Winter

The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine views health as a place of harmony and recognizes that nothing is good or bad, just in balance and out of balance.  Our practice of yin is based on concepts of  Chinese Medicine and built around 5 elements, 5 pairs of organ-specific meridian lines, & 5 emotions that drive harmony within our physical body. Each season we focus on one of these five to attune ourselves to nature.  Join us in November as we welcome the fall element of Metal.  

Metal is a time of boundaries, structure, and stability. It's a "get back to work!" vibe and asks us to be with what is right in front of us - to focus and accept.  This seasons practice centers around the lung and large intestine and moderate length holds - allowing us to do a bit more than usual in the vein of Metal energy.  Expect at 75-min​ute practice with essential oil and a Gongbath savasana. 

Candlelight Yin & Chinese Medicine Theory
Sunday, November 12th
3:00P, Summerhill
Yin for Winter (880 × 800 px) (2).png

The Art of Hands On Assists;
Standing Poses & Salutations

Want to take your teaching skills to the next level? Differentiate yourself as a teacher with our upcoming hands-on assisting workshops! Just need to brush up on your skills? Hands-on assists can be a profound way to communicate with your students on the mat. Skillful adjustments keep students safe and productive in their practice, offer them insights into their physical and energetic alignment, and go a long way in building the relationships that you have with your students. 


Join us for our 2024 Hands-On Training for teachers. Take the workshop that interests you in particular. Or, take all 5 to deep dive into the world of hands-on adjustments, so you gain the confidence and tools to help your students evolve their practice.

   Feb 10th is our first session: Standing Pose & Sun Salutations

A Workshop Series for Teachers led by Cassandra Ferland
Sat, Feb 10th 1:00-4:00P, in Summerhill
Immersion and Teacher Training for parents, teachers, and child-centric professionals. (3)
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