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As we have TWO amazing locations - please note whether the class is at Sacred Fire in East Atlanta or {SACRED} YOGA in Summerhill. Checking the location and the room will give you the guidance you need.




Saturyday,December 10th at 6:00P
December 10th

Parent's Night Out

with Jamie Lorello & Annelise K

Wanna get a breather AND give your kids a big treat? Join us for our monthly Parent's Night Out "Little Yoga" event on Saturday, December 10th from 6:00-8:15P

Your child will enjoy a 60-minute yoga practice for kids, mini art project, dinner, and wind down with yoga nidra (it's a type of meditation that kids love) and a short sound that they are ready for bed time <3

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Thursday, Dec 22nd at 7:30P
Thursday, December 22nd at 7:30P

Yin for Water Season 

$30 before Dec 15th

The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine views health as a place of harmony and recognizes that nothing is good or bad, just in balance and out of balance.  As we shift from "earth" to "water" element, this practice will allow us space to pause, to examine how "water" plays within our lives at the point of Winter Solstice.  This 90-minute practice will nourish "water" using yin shapes, sound instruments and essential oils. 

All levels welcome and encouarged ❤️

Saturyday & Wednesday  in Summerhill
Wednesdays & Saturdays

Little Yoga
December Series

Our Little Yoga classes are a combination of yoga + creative movement plus play...set to a tone of mindfulness. Each series moves through a theme, exploring aspects of value to growing minds and bodies. Each class provides an entry point to the coping skills of movement, breath and meditation so pivotal to yoga. Classes are Wednesday at 4:45p and/or Saturday at 10A.


During class you are welcome to run errands or purchase an adult class to take yoga in the adult room's a great opportunity to get your own breather while your child explores the power of yoga!

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January & February 2023
January & February 2023

Yin Immersion


Deepen your personal experience and empower a credible, unique relationship with “yin” energy by learning the foundations of Chinese Medicine and how they inform the practice of yin. Discover the science behind passive holds and the effect they have on the fascia and the nervous system.

Explore meridian lines and 12 foundational positions of yin yoga including passive alignment cues, modifications, use of props and appropriate ways of creating accessibility.