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Signing up in advance is highly encouraged. Spaces are currently limited so snag one (plus we are a cashless business). We have a 4-hour cancellation window - so make sure you block out the time on your calendar and please note whether the class is indoors, online, in East Atlanta, in our pop-up space at 640 Highland Ave or one of our Outdoor classes. Checking the location and the room will give you the guidance you need.




Friday, January 28th, 7:30P
Friday, January 28th at 7:30P

Sound + Breath with
Kosi Ksa 


This experience will begin with a check-in, intention sharing, gentle movement and simple breathwork exercises. This will prepare you for being bathed in sounds for the remainder of this 90 minute class. In the sound bath portion of this experience, Kofi will usa an array of musical instruments from ancient cultures to help you tap into your inner magic. You may experience deep relaxation, emotional and physical healing, as well as a release from your negative patterns.

We will close with group reflection with Q&A about sound healing & meditation.

Saturday, January 29th at 5:30P

Touch + Flow
with Annelise & Marsha


For the past two years so many of us have been socially distant in ways both big and small - - and while it helps the greater good, it has affected us all in profound ways.


Sometimes we just need a hug, or to know we've been seen. And that's what brought us to create Touch + Flow. Our 90-minute vinyasa, slow flow is about reconnecting and providing physical, hands on adjustments and Reiki-infused energy work.

Saturdays in February at 2PM
Meditation 4-Week Series

Mindfulness & Meditation

with Danielle Brunson

Join us on Saturdays in Febriary for a series of workshops to learn and grow in our mindfulness and meditation practice. While this series is designed to build and grow it is also possible to drop into some of the sessions (or just one) and not be lost. Each session includes a discussion and dharma talk, meditation while in restorative shapes and journaling exercise. 

In addition to the sessions receive 4 guided meditation recordings and 8 journal prompts to aid you during the 4 week series 

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