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Yoga works….but only if you do it, so go ahead and book a class.  If you’re new, start your registration process by creating a Mindbody account. Read on to see our full schedule and learn more about our workshops!


Start your registration process by creating a Mindbody account.  Then log in to select a class and you will be prompted for payment options.


Signing up in advance is highly encouraged in order to reserve a space.


We have a 4-hour cancellation window so if you can no longer attend, log in to your account and cancel. Classes canceled more than 4 hours before class start will be added back to your profile for future use.  All reservations must be made and canceled via the schedule software (sorry no emails!).

As we have TWO amazing locations - please note whether the class is at Sacred Fire in East Atlanta or {SACRED} YOGA in Summerhill. Checking the location and the room will give you the guidance you need.




Parent's Night Out

Wanna get a breather AND give your kids a big treat? Join us for our monthly Parent's Night Out "Little Yoga" event on Saturday, December 10th from 6:00-8:15P

Your child will enjoy a 60-minute yoga practice for kids, mini art project, dinner, and wind down with yoga nidra (it's a type of meditation that kids love) and a short sound that they are ready for bed time <3

Saturday, January 28th with Jamie Lorello
Summerhill Studio

Prenatal Strong

Join Nya Daley Benefield for a 4-week series designed to empower expectant parents. Each week will offer participants a chance to explore breath practices, visualization strategies, Yoga asana informed by Pilates, and resting postures that will support them during their pregnancy and birthing journeys.

You will meet every Sunday for the next four weeks beginning January 29th to February 19th. You can expect a community circle (check-in) Pregnancy-friendly Pranayama (breath work) & visualizations 30-minute strength-based yoga flow, and a 15-minute closing restorative posture.

Sunday, January 29th with Nya Daley
Summerhill Studio

The Luminous Self

Long ago, yogic sages outlined a map of the self, creating the concept of five layers of being that surround our spirit. This framework, called “The Koshas”, is designed to help us navigate the inner journey back to the true essence of who we are.

This is a workshop to explore the Luminous Self through movement + a heavy does of meditation that includes:
-A conceptual and experiential understanding of the Koshas
-How to use physicality as a starting point to access and gain awareness of deeper layers of self
-Breath & meditation practices to connect back to your innate state of bliss

Saturday, February 4th with Cassandra
Summerhill Studio
the luminous self.png

Full Moon Yoga + Ritual

The February full moon in Leo asks us to explore our relationship with individualism and self-expression. Are we attached to the desire to be unique? Do we prefer to blend in and linger in the shadows of others? Do we have supportive, creative outlets for expressing our joy, pain, etc? The time punctuated by the full moon is an opportunity to sit with the fullness of our lives, take stock of our experiences, and choose how to move forward.Join us for an evening of reflection, journalling, intention setting, ritual work, and yoga asana, to honor the full moon.

Sunday, February 5th with Stephanie
EAV Studio

Yoga + Dance Flow

If you are seeking to invite more divine feminine energy into your yoga practice and day-to-day life, this workshop is for you! Students will learn how to find balance between the masculine/solar and feminine/lunar energies we all carry, as both are necessary and important to embody. This workshop combines the power and beauty of both yoga and dance. A sacred space will be cultivated for fluid, creative, feminine expression while flowing through the structured asanas. We will explore some belly dancing and free form movement, similar to ecstatic dance, while we move through a vinyasa yoga practice.

Saturday, February 18th with Anna
EAV Studio
Full Moon
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