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The Power in Passive

A 25-hour foundational training on yin yoga and yin energy

June 14-16 and July 12-14th, 2024

Your yoga practice has sacred value. It’s the space where you feel most whole + complete - and you want to make this practice & feeling accessible to others, or gain more understanding to guide you on your own mat. 

Join us for a 2-Weekend Format that offers a yin immersion to students and certification to teachers...


You have always gravitated toward the stillness of yoga and feel a great affinity for yin and restorative practices.  Maybe you’ve been dabbling in workshops and retreats to deepen your practice, or, you’ve even taken a full teacher training.  You’ve gained something every time you unroll your mat but you’re hungry for more.  You want to go deeper into the esoteric qualities of stillness and pass the wisdom you’ve found within yourself through your practice on to others in a way that is clear and succinct.

  • You’ve practiced yoga for a long time and are struggling with injury or emotional pain you cannot heal (and you want to gain an understanding of anatomy, alignment, physiology or dig into the psychological shifts that occur on the mat so that you heal yourself and grow stronger)

  • You took a teacher training but haven’t put it to work and feel re-inspired (but you want to teach in a way that is simple, clear, and can impact your students the way yoga has impacted you)

  • You are teaching already, but your training didn’t cover everything you think you need (and you want to add depth to your classes by understanding the science behind the practice and learning ways to integrate science into the soul) 

  • You consider yourself a “yin aficionado” but have never studied the practice in depth.  You feel called to learn more about Chinese Medicine and the practice of yin whether to integrate into your own home practice or to integrate into your teachings.


25-Hour Foundational Program

November 10-12th and December 8-10th




25-Hour Weekend Intensive on Yin Yoga

  • Deepen your personal experience and empower a credible, unique relationship with “yin” energy by learning the foundations of Chinese Medicine and how they inform the practice of yin. 


  • Discover the science behind passive holds and the effect they have on the fascia and the nervous system.


  • Explore meridian lines and 12 foundational positions of yin yoga --learn passive alignment cues, modifications, use of props and appropriate ways of creating accessibility.


  • Create sequences that speak to your wisdom as a student and voice as a teacher and practice teaching your peers, receiving feedback and tangible ways to grow. 


  • Gain perspective on how yin can be integrated into vinyasa yoga and how it can become a part of a balanced practice for healing. 



Weekend 1

for Yin Lovers 


$150 Deposit Due at Check Out, $49 due in 30 days

Perfect for a Lifelong Student who wants more info on the foundations and alignment of yin

Weekend 1 & 2

for teachers


$150 Deposit Due at Check Out, $299 due in 30 days

Includes 30 CEU hours, methodologies of teaching, and full certification


We gather for two weekends this summer to explore Yin Yoga in more detail and would love to have you join us. 


This program can be taken in two formats:


For Yin-Lovers, Students and to deepen a personal practice

You’ll attend our first weekend of training where we focus on the embodied experience of yin and take time to breakdown the concepts of this practice.  You’ll get hands on guidance for making the shapes more approachable for you. Through conversation we’ll learn from each other and be able to refine our own approach to yin on our mat.  

reclined splits side.jpg

For Yoga Teachers, Wellness Professionals & Healers

If you’re a yoga teacher or are interested in taking a full teacher training, you’ll attend both weekends of our immersion.  In our second weekend we work through more detailed aspects of yin including breath work, methods for teaching, and provide real time mentorship as you establish your voice as a teacher. 


Our Schedule Runs Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday on our training weekends.

Weekend 1:

November 10-12th

Friday November 10th 6:30-8:30PM

  • The embodied Experience of Yin

  • Opening Circle & Intention Setting

Saturday November 11th 11:30-5:30PM

  • Overview of Yin

  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine

  • Introduction to Meridians

Sunday November 12th  11:30-2:30PM

  • 12 Foundational Postures of Yin

​Weekend 2:

December 8th-10th


Friday December 8th 6:30-8:30PM

  • The embodied Experience of Yin

  • Pranayama, Breath work to Support Yin


Saturday December 9th 11:30A-5:30P

  • Sequencing

  • Methodology for Teaching Passive Practices

  • Teaching through a Trauma-Informed Lense

Sunday December 10th 11:30-2:30PM

  • Teaching Immersion


25 Contact-Hours of Continuing Education

That cover Anatomy, Philosophy, Energy Work, and methodologies to teach.



Access to a Private Participant Facebook Group

Here you can articulate your feelings, hang ups, and revelations. You can bond, seek guidance, share opportunities and form relationships with peers who “get” the journey you are on. We’ll post assignments and ask for you to share your work in this group - but beyond that - these groups are where lifelong friends are often made.


A 24/7 Online Classroom

Where your lessons, worksheets and personal practices live. While this program is an 2-weekend commitment, you’ll be able to revisit content as often as you’d like for the next 3 months. 


Opportunities to Put Your Learnings to Work

Through at home assignments, you’ll be asked to put what you’ve experienced or read about into your own words and action. You’ll receive feedback and guidance from us and support from your peers as you dig into your unique wisdom. 


Teaching Experience 

You will be given an opportunity to teach your peers and receive feedback so that you’ll leave this training with a solid, road-tested sequence you can use for your own practice or take into your work teaching or serving your community. 


A Certificate of Completion 

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of completion acknowledging for 26 hours of coursework. We all love the feeling of accomplishment, and we are big believers in accountability, so we want to reward everyone who makes a commitment to moving through this course.


Weekend 1

for Yin Lovers 


$150 Deposit Due at Check Out, $49 due in 30 days

Perfect for a Lifelong Student who wants more info on the foundations and alignment of yin

Weekend 1 & 2

for teachers


$150 Deposit Due at Check Out, $299 due in 30 days

Includes 30 CEU hours, methodologies of teaching, and full certification




With a deep respect for the power behind "contentment" ~ I love exploring the passive energy of yin.  I am a 20+ year student of yoga who first fell in love with athletic styles of practice.  It wasn't under I had burned off my youthful energy that yin surfaced and became appealing to me. 


I have been practicing since 2001 and teaching since 2004.  I hold a 500hr certification from Laughing Lotus NYC with a 100HRs of training in yin and energy work.  I am also working toward a 300HR with Yoga Medicine.  These two programs touch on the opposite spectrums of "what I love about yoga" --- it's innate ability to heal and connect us to our physical body and it's ancient wisdom of what's beyond the physical body.  


While yoga has a deep, history - yin is a relatively new application of yoga asana.  I began writing this program based on a deep need to explore the foundations of yin through the lens of western medicine and eastern philosophy and to fortify teachers who love sharing the practice want to expand their knowledge of Chinese medicine and the foundations of the nervous system. 

Training:  Open Doors Yoga in Boston, Power Yoga

Laughing Lotus NYC, 500HR, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga

Yoga Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Womens Health, Trauma-Informed Teaching, Anatomy

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