{Sacred} Yoga is a locally-owned, community-based yoga studio in Atlanta, Georgia. We approach yoga as a lifestyle—not just a workout. Our signature style is “creative power vinyasa” that combines fluid movement with a steady, breath oriented pace and weaves in elements of mindfulness and yoga philosophy for an embodied experience of yoga.  

We offer a full adult schedule and monthly offerings for kids, prenatal students and more. 

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  • We believe it’s hard to feel joy when our bodies need to heal.

  • We believe our culture often commodifies our physical form, and that our bodies are more than a commodity.

  • We believe systemic racism is real. While we won’t always get it right, we teach & practice with awareness of “cultural appropriation” and “privilege” and prioritize amplifying the voices of those traditionally marginalized.

  • We believe we can’t care for our body and trash our world so we won’t glorify mass consumption and strive to neutralize our environmental impact.

  • We believe everyone can do yoga - even without a mat or fancy gear.

  • We believe handstands are yoga. We believe meditation is yoga. We don’t view one as superior to the other.

  • We believe a “living wage” for our teachers is critically important to the health of our communities.

  • We believe in getting anyone on the mat who wants to practice despite physical ability or financial constraints.  


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