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Yoga teachers are community healers and come from all walks of life.  It doesn’t matter if you can hold crow… all that’s required is the willingness to be an eternal student, a compassionate heart & the presence of mind to hold space for your students.



Fun Fact:

"When I first started practicing yoga, I used to skip out on it's my favorite part!"

My classes are honest & steady with just a touch of challenge whether it's restorative or fire flow.... 

I love creative vinyasa and move quite a bit in my own practice.  When teaching my goal is to breakdown & make approachable postures that we may sometime "discount" as not for us.  

As a teacher, my love lies in helping people better understand their own bodies, encouraging exploration and being honest that yoga is not just love & light but being present with all that is...knowing that we are complicated beings on a simple mission!

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Fun Fact:

"I'm a passionate student of Ayurveda and will chat your ear off if you'll let me!"


Drawing on her experience with high intensity athletics Nya incorporates fitness infused elements in her yoga classes. She hopes to provide students with a soulful, energy charged environment that is accessible and welcoming to both new and experienced students. Nya’s intention is to support people in finding the balance between strength and ease on and off their mats.

Regular Schedule - 

Summerhill Studio

Tuesday 4:45 & 6:00P

Sunday 9:00A

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 My teaching style is a blend of eastern and western styles of yoga; challenging

& mindful. Having studied and received my 300 hour advanced teacher training certification in India I was able to take what I learned there and blend it into our western style in a way that is exciting, new and challenging

My flow classes are fun, challenging, energetic & empowering. My Yin/Restore classes are healing, peaceful & balancing. 

I teach because I believe that every single person on this planet could benefit from the practice of yoga. I believe Yoga is the path to healing and balancing the entire body, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. I believe Yoga is the fountain of youth and peace that we can drink from at any moment in our lives and I want to share this practice with as many people as I can in this lifetime!


I teach vinyasa style yoga with emphasis on alignment. Expect to get a good stretch, a good sweat, and leave class feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

Yoga helped me through my hardest times in life and has been pivotal in my spiritual, physical, and mental journey. My only wish in teaching is to share this practice and spread a little sunshine to others.

Weekly Schedule -

East Atlanta

Tuesday & Thursday 10A

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My classes are about much more than the physical movements of yoga. I am intentional about every aspect from the music, to the flow, to the use of breath throughout. My goal is for students to leave their practice with a sense of calm empowerment. My classes will include asana, breathwork, and meditation practices.

Schedule - 


Monday 12:00P & 4:45P

Friday 9:30A, 5:00P. 6:15P

Saturday 8:45A


In my classes I like to incorporate a mindfulness practice, moving meditation (via movement on the breath), and a creative and dynamic sequence that is challenging but accessible. I like to infuse elements of yoga philosophy and offer a well-balanced class that improves strength, mobility, and a sense of well-being.

Weekly Schedule - 


Tuesday & Thursdays at 6:00AM

Learn more about Leah.


My adult classes are playful and creative...designed to encourage exploration of self in a safe and loving space. My hope is to leave students feeling grounded and inspired.


I also work with kids full time and guide our Little Yoga program.  My Kids classes are tailored to meet the needs of each child. They are intuitive, imaginative and most of all fun.

Weekly Schedule - 

Tuesday 12P

Wednesday 4:45P

Thursday 11A


My classes are a balance of effort and ease. A mindful flow that is both gentle with the body and also experimenting with its boundaries.

Weekly Schedule - 

East Atlanta

Monday & Wednesday 10AM



Have you been considering {sacred} Yoga Teacher Training? Now is the time to take the leap with training starting on September 17!


Our {sacred} Flow 200HR Immersion is an embodied experience for those looking to rejuvenate their physical practice & move beyond a purely physical definition of yoga.


Because we are committed to enabling strong teachers immediately, your skills can be put to use working in the community, advocating for yoga in corporate environments, teaching in a studio setting, improving your personal connection to yoga and creating an empowered home practice.


Our program is unique because we weave in:


  • trauma-sensitivity     

  • inclusivity

  • service work

  • social entrepreneurship

Wanna dive deeper on your own?


Join our online foundational course and learn the basics of yoga from the comfort of home with the support of your favorite {sacred} teachers.

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