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Yoga teachers are community healers and come from all walks of life.  It doesn’t matter if you can hold crow… all that’s required is the willingness to be an eternal student, a compassionate heart & the presence of mind to hold space for your students.



Fun Fact:

"When I first started practicing yoga, I used to skip out on it's my favorite part!"


Fun Fact:

"I'm a passionate student of Ayurveda and will chat your ear off if you'll let me!"


Fun Fact:

"I make fine jewelry! I  think of adornment as an important ritual - an opportunity to connect with the energies you wish to embody. 


Fun Fact:

"I’m obsessed with The Golden Girls and the day we lost Betty White was the end of me."


Fun Fact:

"I’m an orchid whisper...I have three orchids that have been blooming continuously for almost 2years! I love and understand them and I guess they love me too"


Fun Fact:


Fun Fact:

"I feel the need to name my musical instruments; I have a Fender Telecaster named Butters, a Fender Jazz Bass named Daphne, and a Gretsch Electromatic named Colonel Mustard!"


Fun Fact:


Fun Fact:


My teaching style is an intentional-based creative flow geared to help you connect within, grow spiritually & physically. I teach because I love yoga and community. While teaching I can connect with my two loves and build meaningful relationships. I started practicing in 2011 when I took a brikam yoga class for fun and hated it, but for some reason, I kept coming back. I realized one day while practicing that I felt God in the room. This is how yoga became my church.

 Training: 200HR RYT Brooklyn Yoga Project

Find me at {SACRED} YOGA & Sacred Fire 

Teacher & Admin


Fun Fact:

"I am Canadian!"


Fun Fact:

"I am also a Scuba Instructor!"


Fun Fact:

"I spent the summer after graduating college teaching yoga at a surf camp in Morocco"


Have you been considering {sacred} Yoga Teacher Training? Now is the time to take the leap with training starting on September 17!


Our {sacred} Flow 200HR Immersion is an embodied experience for those looking to rejuvenate their physical practice & move beyond a purely physical definition of yoga.


Because we are committed to enabling strong teachers immediately, your skills can be put to use working in the community, advocating for yoga in corporate environments, teaching in a studio setting, improving your personal connection to yoga and creating an empowered home practice.


Our program is unique because we weave in:


  • trauma-sensitivity     

  • inclusivity

  • service work

  • social entrepreneurship

Wanna dive deeper on your own?


Join our online foundational course and learn the basics of yoga from the comfort of home with the support of your favorite {sacred} teachers.

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