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There is so much more to learn, beyond the 60-Minute class...


At some point, your practice will heal the body, or rewire the thoughts, or you'll feel yourself in a space that's calmer or more clear than you thought possible...and you'll find you want more.

More than what we can offer in a 60-minute format.

At some point,  you may even want to share the practice that you love with others.

Our training program is designed in three layers:

Choose Your Path.

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Advanced Modules /300HR & CEUs.

designed to go beyond class content, experience concepts on your own mat, & give you a taste of our training programs.

a complete program built on the foundations of yoga philosophy - for dedicated students & those seeking certification as a teacher.

designed for teachers, long-time practitioners, and medical professionals & therapists, these modules cover advanced theories and methodologies and help develop expertise in areas that speak to you.

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