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Offering a variety of class styles opens the possibility for you to practice yoga daily—without feeling depleted or doing more harm than good.  While you’ll find your favorite class - - we encourage you to occasionally mix it up because practicing #YogaEveryday at least three times a week can result in huge shifts to how we process life.

{Sacred} Flow

Various Levels from Beginner to Advanced, Non-Heated, Creative Vinyasa & Soulwork


Use When: You Want to Move & Flow, You are Craving Balance of Strength & Surrender, You Feel Open to the Tools of the Complete system of Yoga.

Our SIGNATURE style connects movement to breath, builds strength and increases range of motion through a vinyasa practice infused with creative transitions & pranayama techniques designed to TRANSFORM. Each class begins with a fluid and rhythmic warm-up, builds to a creative flow, and eases into deep opening. {Sacred} Flow weaves in elements of yoga philosophy through reference to the yoga sutras, breath-work and/or time for meditation. Each class is designed to give you a physical "workout" and the opportunity to check in with the essence of "what's going on inside?" making it a powerful practice for life.


{Sacred} Flow is taught at a Beginner & All Level designation. Beginner practices confidently build strength, flexibility and proper alignment in each shape. Tutorials on how to use props create healthy "yoga habits" to keep you injury-free and help refine your practice.  All Levels offers modifications for those who need them and variations of more intense postures for those wanting a challenge.

Mindful Hot

Beginner-Friendly w/o injury, Detoxifying, Our Hottest Practice with a Slow-Flow Pace.


Use When: You are Short on Time (heat helps open the body), You Want to Build Strength, or You Want a Detox

95-Degree heat gives this class an "intensity factor" most students love but Level 1 sequencing makes it approachable for those who are new (as long as you're injury free) and more advanced students.  Minimal use of chaturanga (push ups) make it a "go-to-flow" for many rehabbing upper body ailments. Each class is designed to engage strength, improve balance, open the chest, lengthen muscles in the back, thighs & hips and leave you ready to the stillness of savasana.


Looking for more of a challenge? The slow-pace and permissive environment allow more advanced students to take options as their practice allows without an intimidation factor for our newer students. Mindful Hot will melt-out the tension and get us out of our headspace and into our heart!

{Sacred} Sweat

Advanced, Heated, Elements of Inversions


Use When: You Want to Really MOVE, You need a Detox, or You want to Awaken Your Creativity

Practiced in a 88-degree room, {sacred} sweat is our signature advanced hot class.  Creative sequencing that moves us through the energy body (from grounding to liberation) & high-energy vinyasa will touch on all areas of the physical body.  A nice sweet savasana will help integrate the physical, energy, and wisdom bodies resulting in a feeling of completeness.


This class ebbs and flows while moving to the breath. We approach more complex shapes like inversions and arm balances, which are often integrated into the practice, and work to expand our willingness to breathe, meditate and rest fully. The result? A practice challenging enough you must be present but not so challenging you want to escape!

Yin Yoga

All Levels, Beginner friendly, Non-Heated


Use When:  In Need of Grounding or Balance, To Address Chronic Tightness in the Connective Tissue, To Increase Range of Motion of Joints or To Increase the Flow of Energy 

Based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang - this practice features a series of long-held, passive, mostly floor-based, shapes that focus on the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. A regular yin practice can have considerable impact on chronic tightness and imbalances caused by overuse. It's best to come cool so that we tap less into muscular length and more into fascial tension.  This practice has instruction with prop suggestions but is otherwise a relatively quiet, fertile ground. 

Restorative Yoga

All Levels, Beginner friendly, Non-Heated


Use When:  In Need of Nourishment, Grounding, or Deep Relaxation, When Depleted, Or Regularly as your Go To Practice

During restorative yoga there is minimal muscular engagement, making it the perfect anecdote for your high-intensity activities. But in truth, EVERYONE should be doing Restorative Yoga. Supported, gentle, resting postures bring down the energy of the body and allow deep rejuvenation. Each posture is held four to ten minutes utilizing props or unique, gentle variations to encourage deep muscular release.  While the physical body unwinds, the energetic body sheds the effects of pent-up stress. During this practice the nervous system becomes more balanced and efficient which may result in better digestion of food, better sleep or a more balanced endocrine system.


Restorative is offered as a stand alone practice or as a fusion with flow, nidra and yin; Flowing to Stillness, Restore + Nidra, Yin + Restore

Yoga Nidra

All Levels


Use When: In Need of Balance & Stress Reduction, To Sharpen the Mind, or When Feeling "Stuck" in Life

Sometimes called "Yogic Sleep" this practice consists of a guided body scan, sensory perception and imagery exercises. The goal is not to sleep but to reach a place between conscious and subconscious. Yoga Nidra has been shown to have tremendous effects on the function of our brain, not to mention our relationship with Self and ability to alleviate stress. A consistent practice of yoga nidra may ease insomnia, improve work performance, increase proprioception and stimulate deep relaxation.  It's recommended for all yogis as it pulls forward things that may exist in our subconscious and helps us address these pitfalls or obstacles.   ​


Available as a stand alone practice or as a fusion with restorative; Restore + Nidra.



Creating a new life is amazing work & no matter how much we may want to stay the same...we need & deserve a whole new way of practicing. Join us for small-group prenatal classes.


No “body” is more deserving of respect & nurturing than one that is post-pregnancy. Trust us, there are things to learn & discuss.  Let us help you get back onto your mat and stand in your power.



Kids are natural yogis and yet we can’t underestimate the power of the practice for the youngest among us.  Movement, meditation and mindfulness are the cornerstones of our kid’s practices and give them skills that help them off the mat and into the world.  Our Current kids schedule starts February 2022 with classes on Wednesday and Saturday.  See our schedule and learn how to bok.


While teens are welcome in our adult classes (with parental consent and liability release) - sometimes they prefer a space of their own. We offer special workshops and series targeted for teens.  Join our email list to learn more. 

Ready to go deeper into practice?

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