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Little Yoga 

for kids 2 yrs to 10 yrs of age

Family Yoga 

for kids 5 and over

Kids Pricing


Single Drop-In 


Class Packs

3 classes for 30 Days$48.00

4 classes for 30 Days $56.00

8 Classes for 30 Days  $80.00



Kids Member


8 Classes Per Month

Auto-Billed Each Month

Adult + Kids Membership


Includes One Unlimited Monthly Membership for Adults, for use at either location and online

and One Kids Membership with up to 8 Classes a Month in Summerhill


Get Booking Help.

Step 1: Create an account for your child

The system works best with a unique account for each child. To create an account for your child, please follow the steps below. 

1.  Go to Mindbody and Log in.

2.  Click on the My Info tab. 

3.  Click Add Family Member.












4.  Enter the child's name.

5.  Select the relationship Child of: [your name].

6.  Choose Yes beside "Paid for by [your name]." This is necessary for the booking to work properly.

7.   Enter the child's email address. We recommend providing an email address that you have access to, but is not the email address in your profile at the business. 

8.  Click Save. 



Step 2: Book a class for your child 

While logged in as yourself (the parent), please follow the steps below to sign up your child for a class.

1.  Click on the Classes tab.

2.  Click the Sign Up! button for the appropriate classes



3.  Click the Make a single reservation - [name of your child] button. 




4.  If required, purchase the appropriate pass.

In the future, you'll simply follow the steps in Book a class for your child to book classes for your child. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked question is surrounding covid and our safety here is how we are currently addressing safety.  

In our adult classes we have been operating with similar safety protocols and even through Omnicrom, have not had a single case of transmission tied to our classes (knock on wood).  

As our Little Yoga classes are targeted for small children, we are very sensitive to the non-availability of vaccines and concerns parents may have in administering them.  We do, however, require that parents are vaccinated.  This is a method of "cocooning" that protects the child and all the other children as well.

We also require masks in our lobby and encourage them  to be kept on during kids classes (they are optional during adult classes).  It's important to note, that we cannot force children to wear them and fully expect compliance might not be 100% with our smallest students.  This likely happens in school and daycare as well - and it's probably best you don't know - we just like to be transparent.  

Classes are limited to 7 kids.  Teachers are vaccinated and masked.  And, our studios both feature filtration designed to eliminate 99% of toxins and viral particulate in the air.  

Taken singularly these safety protocols may not be earth-shattering but we've found when layered on top of each other they go a long way towards minimizing risk. 

Can I watch my child's class?

Due to COVID and in order to keep our lobby and facilities safe, we do not allow parents to remain in the lobby during class.  You are welcome to take an adult class with us (these are purposely timed to align) or go grab a coffee or juice in the neighborhood.  Wood's Chapel patio is the closest and gives you a birds eye view of our studio but there are tons of amazing places in Summerhill. 

Do you have other age groups or classes?

We are continuing to expand our schedule and want to add "Mommy & Me" and Family Yoga workshops very soon.  If you email us we'll gladly add you to our mailing list.