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The Yoga of Sequencing

As teachers, how often are we actually having the experience we hope to provide for others?

We show up with the goal of providing our students the experience of yoga - this "rare air" space where we are fully present with the power of our body, mind and spirit. But as we teach, many of us are having a totally different experience.


Whether it's imposter syndrome, worry + anxiety, or managing the chaos of a studio room...our minds are often racing. 

The Yoga of Sequencing is a workshop for teachers designed to inspire creativity, create routine in our teaching and "level up" the intelligence of our sequencing, in order to instill confidence and bring us more fully into the room.

Change Your Routine, Change Your Results.

In this  15-HR CEU workshop, we'll examine the foundations of vinyasa yoga, craft a class structure that feels efficient and authentic to you, dig into the movement mechanics of popular peak poses, and translate these into a sequence that feels fresh, yet safe and effective for your students.


And - we'll work to make this easily repeatable because it's through the practice of repetition that we truly become experts.


This training is ideal for any yoga teacher but particular well-suited for those who are teaching in a studio setting and want to expand their skillset, or for those who teach non-vinyasa based practices and want to integrate a more fluid style in their classes. If you are teaching without a plan, or creating a plan that isn't 100% alined with purpose, this workshop will help you find your "why".


Saturday, November 9th 12:00-6:00P

Sunday, November 10th 12:00-6:00P

Hosted in the Moon Room in our Summerhill Studio location. 


The Yoga of Sequencing
led by Annelise K

Through the course of this training you'll learn to:
-Define & Explore the Foundations of Vinyasa
-Establish Options for Structuring Vinyasa Classes that are -Safe and Effective yet Leave Room to Explore
-Dissect the X's & O's of Common Peak Postures
-Apply the Movement Mechanics of Peak Postures to Your Sequencing
-Explore Ways to Theme a Class that feel Authentic and Allow You to Share What You're Most Passionate About Teaching
-Refine Your Teaching Voice with Clear Guidance & Thoughtful Cues
-Debunk over-used or less effective cues, breathing more life into your class



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Includes access to all Five Modules + a 4-Month Professional Mentorship Program

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One Payment at time of registration


Led by Annelise Kristoffersen

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