10-week virtual training that explores the system of yoga and brings your {sacred} work forward into the world...

Your yoga practice has sacred value to you. It’s the space where you feel most whole + complete - and you want to make this practice & feeling accessible to others.  


Maybe you’ve been dabbling in workshops and retreats to deepen your practice, or, you’ve even taken a full teacher training.  You’ve gained something every time you unroll your mat but you’re hungry for more.  You want to go deeper into the philosophy of yoga and pass the wisdom you’ve found within yourself through your practice on to others in a way that is clear and succinct.

  • You’ve practiced yoga for a long time and are struggling with injury or emotional pain you cannot heal (and you want to gain an understanding of anatomy, alignment, physiology or dig into the psychological shifts that occur on the mat so that you heal yourself and grow stronger)

  • You’ve hit a crossroads in life and are re-evaluating what is important in a rapidly changing time (and you feel compelled to dive into the deeper aspects of yoga to explore why it feels so amazing to you and uncover IF sharing yoga might be part of evolution in life)

  •   You’re a public servant working in your community with children or under-served communities, OR your family or coworkers are constantly asking about your practice and (you want simple but tangible techniques you can share with others no matter their fitness level) 

  • You took a teacher training but haven’t put it to work and feel re-inspired (but you want to teach in a way that is simple, clear, and can impact your students the way yoga has impacted you)

  • You are teaching already, but your training didn’t cover everything you think you need (and you want to add depth to your classes by understanding the science behind the practice and learning ways to integrate science into the soul) 

  • You’re ready to shake up the status quo, whether in work, love or social life (and you know the power of yoga can help you step out in a brave and courageous way as you create a life that is authentic and free)



A 50 hour foundational virtual training that empowers your teaching voice, explores historical yoga training, and creates action steps to guide your yoga service.

In this training you will:

  • Deepen your personal experience and empower a credible, unique teaching voice as you walk you through the philosophy of yoga through personal practices, themes, and self-exploration

  • Discover how yoga can be used as a healing modality even in a modern, western world through exploring topics like the History of Yoga, Yoga for Everybody, Trauma-Informed Teaching, and the importance of service to ensure yoga maintains a connection to its roots 

  • Create “next steps” actions of everything you learn, from a deep dive into the Yoga Sutras to using the sutras to guide your service and professional development 



  • You’ll tap into a vast exploration of yoga, including asana but go beyond the asana to find new ways of practicing that encourage continued growth

  • You’ll dive into the history of yoga and touch on what’s often ignored, like how Hindu mythology fits into the philosophy and how British rule changed the course of yoga.

  • You’ll experience practices with themes that explore yoga philosophy led by different teachers which serve as tangible examples of how to combine asana + philosophy and how to use your authentic voice to impact your students or those you serve.

  • Each module is designed to be as tangible as possible, including more esoteric things like meditation and energy work and to provide quick, repeatable ways to incorporate these elements into your work.

  • You’ll learn ways to adapt to common challenges you or your students face on the mat so you can be confident in meeting them (and yourself) where you are.

  • You will be given the freedom to move through the program from home, at your own pace, but with live, scheduled checks-ins to keep you on task.

  • You can apply each module’s techniques right away and have real world examples of how to practice or lead a class in non-traditional environments outside of the studio setting. 

  • You will be joining an environment that encourages you to experience, embody, expand and to dig deeper into your own experiences to verbalize exactly what yoga means to you.

  • We prioritize cultivating a diverse community and believe the best learning environment is one that includes different ethnicities, ages, skill levels and even religious beliefs. 

  • We amplify voices that have traditionally been oppressed or dismissed. This allows us ALL to learn and grow together. 


Early Bird




No administration fees. Save $50





Payments due again on 11/10 & 12/10



50 Hours of Foundational Content

  • Modules cover anatomy, philosophy & energy work to rebuild your practice from the bones up

  • Topics like  "The Science of Meditation" & "Living Sutras" give you a taste of more


Supportive Community

  • Private Facebook group 

  • Scheduled live check-in calls on Sunday evenings and/or group calls with your peers to help with accountability

  • Personal assignments to keep you engaged & give you opportunities for more discussion


Weekly Content Modules

  • Each weekly module will allow you to study at your own pace

  • Recorded videos let you rewatch to absorb the content as it best suits you


Real World Exploration

  • 10 Personal Practices bring the topics we study into the tangible world of your "mat"

  • Each module gives you techniques for sharing yoga beyond a traditional yoga studio

  • Study guides & a final exam ensure you are able to articulate yoga and empowers you to use what you learn


The Yoga of Purpose is a 50 hour foundational virtual training that empowers your teaching voice, explores historical yoga training, and creates action steps to guide your yoga service.

Week 1: The History of Yoga

You Will: 

  • Learn the ancient roots of yoga

  • Understand how it evolved & ultimately came to us



Week 2: Anatomy of the Physical Experience


You Will: 

  • Learn the muscles, bones & systems of your body

  • Master an easy way to view our layers

  • See how anatomy works within basic postures of yoga



Week 3: The 8-Limbed Path


You Will: 

  • Tap into each of the 8-limbs of the yoga philosophy

  • Practice taking each limb on AND off the mat

  • Draw your own conclusions on how to integrate more than just the physical in your life



Week 4: The Science of the Soul


You Will: 

  • Get an overview of how your mind & body work in unison to regulate the body

  • Find techniques for embracing stillness and withdrawing from the sensory overload of Western Life



Week 5: The Yoga Sutras

You Will: 

  • Be introduced to the ancient text of The Yoga Sutras

  • Examine the most frequently referenced sutras & discuss the wisdom they hold

Week 6: Anatomy of The Energy Experience

You Will: 

  • Discuss & dissect the Chakras

  • Feel how this energy system shows up on the mat



Week 7: Vinyasa for Everyone

You Will: 

  • Break down the components of a yoga practice 

  • Be given techniques for teaching in different environments

  • Leave the module with concrete, real world tools to take yoga into your community or work


Week 8: Ethics

You Will: 

  • Examine how the Yoga Sutras can guide us as teachers & business people

  • Gain insight into the business of yoga and how to create a socially-conscious business presence



Week 9: Yoga in Action

You Will: 

  • Be guided thru the ancient text of the Bhadgava Gita to assess how it might guide you in social activism

  • Learn about selfless service & it's importance in the lense of yoga

  • Get an introduction to Trauma Yoga in case you want to serve



Week 10: Enriching Your Practice

You Will: 

  • Experiment with three methods meditation

  • Learn how to lead meditation or integrate meditation into your teachings or the life of those you love

Bonus Session: Live  Interactive Zoom Session on Teaching Methodology

You will:

  • See how teachers craft a lesson 

  • Work to take into account the students & environment you'll be teaching in

  • Evolve the blueprint into your own, creative teaching plan


10 Training Modules

That cover History, Anatomy, Philosophy, Energy Work, Ethics, Service & Social Activism, the ancient texts of yoga, methodologies to teach.

10 Personal Practices

That make the themes and learnings into a tangible and help you explore how each sits in your body, your heart and your mind.


Access to a Private Participant Facebook Group

Here you can articulate your feelings, hang ups, and revelations. You can bond, seek guidance, share opportunities and form relationships with peers who “get” the journey you are on. We’ll post assignments and ask for you to share your work in this group - but beyond that - these groups are where lifelong friends are often made.


3 Live, Zoom Check-in Calls 

These check-ins serve as a way for us to gather without leaving our home and ensure no one is being left behind. With a diverse community, expect lots of conversation, as we share what personally works and what does not, answer questions and brainstorm ways to live more inspired.


A 24/7 Online Classroom

Where your lessons, worksheets and personal practices live. While this program is an 10-week commitment, you’ll be able to revisit content as often as you’d like for the next 24 months. 


Opportunities to Put Your Learnings to Work

Through periodic assignments, you’ll be asked to put what you’ve experienced or read about into your own words and action. You’ll receive feedback and guidance from us and support from your peers as you dig into your unique wisdom. 


One Live, Interactive Work Session 

You will receive one live, interactive work session to create your template for teaching or self-practice beyond this course. You’ll leave this training with a solid, road-tested sequence you can use for your own practice or take into your work teaching or serving your community. 


A Certificate of Completion 

Upon completion and after passing a virtual exam, you’ll receive a certificate of completion acknowledging for 50 hours of coursework. We all love the feeling of accomplishment, and we are big believers in accountability, so we want to reward everyone who makes a commitment to moving through this course.


Early Bird




No administration fees. Save $50





Payments due again on 11/10 & 12/10



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I am pretty new to yoga. Is this training appropriate for me?

Definitely! When starting a new path we often feel we need a certain level of knowledge to even begin. This is us trying to protect ourselves or our egos which is so normal but holds us back from our potential. There is no physical prerequisite required because that is insignificant. Yoga isn't about doing fancy poses (although they can be fun to try sometimes). As long as you are committed to learning and experiencing what the modules have to offer you'll do great. We are here to help you learn and grow from wherever you are right now.

When does this training start and what is the schedule for the 10-Week Program?

The best part of virtual trainings is that you have the opportunity to move at your own pace but because we have built-in live virtual sessions to discuss and diffuse our the content you'll be less prone to fall behind. Training begins November 2nd. From there you'll move at your own pace but be given benchmarks we'd like you to reach before our Live calls. This is a 50-HR training which breaks down to less than an hour a day but you can break it up as you would like. We have scheduled live check-in calls on Sunday 2/7, Sunday 3/7, and Sunday 4/4 with time options of 12 PM or 7 PM to fit your schedule and keep you on pace. At our first call on November 8th we are asking to have module 1 completed and will continue to set milestones as we move through the program. This helps to keep you invested and ensures we can have productive group discussion.

What happens if I still get behind on the content?

This is the best part of taking a virtual training… If you get behind on content you just work to catch up. While the training “ends” with a self-administered “exam” on April 5th you can continue to work through and review the content for up to 12 months. It’s there for you 24/7 to ensure you get your fill particularly as you may step out and begin to work in your community.

Will this training qualify me for a 200HR Yoga Alliance certification? Can I teach in a studio with this training?

This is a 50-Hour training that will give you a foundation to build upon. It is not enough to get the 20HR designation with yoga alliance but if you fall in love with the idea of teaching and want to complete the remaining hours you can join our Fall teacher training program and seamlessly continue to your 200 HOUR designation. In fact, all of our 200 HR participants start with this training so you'll be right in step with them.

What happens if I cannot attend the live sessions?

Our live sessions are a big part of this program and we offer them at two times of day to ensure it can fit for everyone’s schedule. If you cannot attend you can listen to recorded replays so you won’t miss any of the learning. However, in order to get a certificate of completion we ask you do not miss these sessions. We set the vision that our programs have a high level of diversity because we know we learn more when we amplify under-represented voices and allow everyone to bring forward their experiences. This means we need you on our calls. While you can listen to playbacks and learn from others, we can only learn from you if you let your voice be heard. Mark these dates on your calendar now and do your best to prioritize them to the extent possible.

Beyond watching the videos and attending live calls, what else can I expect to be doing to get the most of this system?

Continue to practice. We are forever students and encourage you to keep that mindset. The more you are on your mat the more certain aspects of training will start to click and become effortless. Beyond your personal practice, you will also have small assignments and homework to help tie everything together. To get the most out of this program, make sure to do these! You might even start incorporating little bits of what you are learning into your work or your family. This takes some courage but it’s a great way to retain and expand upon the wisdom of yoga.

I do not want to teach but would love to learn more about my practice. How can I benefit from this type of training?

The number one reason people take a Teacher Training is to deepen their personal practice. We see this so much that we’ve often thought of changing the name to be more universal - but then it wouldn’t reflect the fact that you will be prepared to teach at the end of the program. Why do people turn to trainings for personal growth? Because you can only get so much from 60-minute classes. Sometimes we need the discipline & consistency of a system. For those who do not want to teach - this program will give a true foundation to understand the what’s, why’s and how’s of yoga philosophy. We’ll dive into things you don’t get in a class like the ancient texts of The Yoga Sutras and the Bhadgava Gita. We’ll work through the Yamas and Niyamas and give you personal practices to really expand on how these tenants move on the mat, off the mat, and in between.

I want to teach yoga and have been looking at 200HR programs. What is the advantage of taking your program versus a full 200HR training?

This training covers tangible aspects that are great to weave into the work you may already be doing as a teacher, counselor, or public servant without requiring six months of time. If there are bits and pieces of a training you need in order to feel confident applying them to your work but aren't planning to teach full classes it gives you just the right amount to digest without overwhelming you. It allows for more schedule flexibility and with the in person training you can't relisten to as lecture as it's live. Lastly it lets you see if this is really something you want to invest yourself in more fully without as big of a financial and energy commitment. You can take these 50hrs and then if you decide you want to hop in on our 200hr and there is space available we can roll you right into that. If you're wanting to teach specifically in studios we suggest taking our 200hr training so you have more in person feedback, depth in sequencing and opportunities to teach and learn from your mistakes.

I have already taken a 200HR program or a Prison Yoga, Prenatal Yoga or Kids Yoga training. Can I learn anything from taking this program?

This program is actually perfect for someone who wants to serve in niche “markets” or with community needs and has taken some baseline training. Service-based training programs like Prison Yoga often do not give much detail on anatomy & alignment or get into the details of philosophy. This is understandable as you would never want to force philosophy onto someone you’re serving but as teachers it can be important to connect to all 8-limbs of the yoga philosophy. This knowledge will not only help your personal practice (and maybe your life!) But will allow you to grow and expand as a teacher. And if you are working the community serving others it is so important to continue to invest in yourself.