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What are the Yamas of Yoga & How will They Work for us in times of Clarity and Chaos?

Yoga is more than just an exercise class. In this digital package you'll dive into the wisdom of the yamas of yoga.  We'll explore the most common five yamas from the yoga sutras and touch on five additional yamas that are often not explored but still just as relevant.  These moral vows hold keys to navigating life without being stuck in the despair or paralyzed by the fear that often accompanies difficult times.  

If you need a fresh start in life, if you are looking for the change of perspective that often comes from traveling around the world to a new country & culture, if you feel disjointed or disconnected, this study will help you.  All from the walls of your own home.  

Each practice works toward a challenging posture - think headstand, chin stand, deep twists and arm balances... 

But it's infused with the lessons of these yamas so that you don't just think about them - you truly begin to feel them in your bones.