Your yoga practice has sacred value to you. It’s the space where you feel most whole + complete - and you want to make this practice & feeling accessible to others.  

Maybe you’ve took a teacher training awhile ago and never quite took the step to start teaching.  Yoga has remained a large part of your life.  This past year has given you perspective like never before and you take the plunge into teaching, whether occasional or as a full time profession.  Or perhaps you just completed a 200HR program and due to the impact of COVID, didn't get the opportunity to teach in person, feel the energy of a room or tap into what it means to conquer your nerves live....

Does this sound like you?


  You took a teacher training but haven’t put it to work and feel re-inspired (but you want to teach in a way that is simple, clear, and can impact your students the way yoga has impacted you)

  You hit the ground running after your teacher training but have struggled to nail the opportunities you want teaching in a studio.  You are looking for mentorship and real-life techniques to get your foot in the door

  You are teaching already, but your training didn’t cover everything you think you need (and you want to add depth to your classes by understanding the art of sequencing and learning ways to hold space in the room in a powerful way). 

Join us for


This 50 hour training module focuses on sequencing, teaching methodology, and mentorship

In this training you will:

  • Deepen your personal experience and empower a credible, unique teaching voice

  • Learn and utilize different approaches to sequencing in order to create classes that address anatomical and energetic needs of your students. 

  • Discover the power of clear guidance and permissive, empowered cueing 

  • Teach your peers, receive mentorship to help tackle what may be holding you back and explore creativity & authenticity



Join us in May...

How it works:

  • Training runs daily from Wednesday May 12th - Sunday, May 16th.  Each morning starts at 8AM and ends at 5pm (with exception of Sunday which is 10-3pm).   

  • Each day begins with a 90-minute immersive practice guided by the koshas to strengthen your connection & understanding of these sheaths and how they can inspire, heal, and soothe our students.

  • Mid-Morning break outs cover topics including hands-on adjusting, energetic sequecing, social activism on the mat and teaching without exclusion while weaving in methods to strengthen and clarify your voice.

  • Afternoons put things into action with you teaching.  Every day ends with a self-assignment and partner work, refining what we've learned.  

  • Our program style is creative vinyasa with hints of yin, restorative, power yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and mantra.  If you've studied a different style you'll be encouraged to include these aspects in your teaching but also met where you are and likely left with some introspective, investigative work to do centered around finding the teacher you want to be. 

  • This module is part of our larger module style 200HR program.  If you are not in our 200HR program you must have completed at least 100HRs of training elsewhere.  

  • This is a daily, one week, 50 hour module.  Due to COVID space is limited.  Weather permitting we will alternate between indoors and outdoors.  When indoors masks are require and we'll follow CDC guidelines keeping 6 feet of personal space. 

  • Prior to the start of training you'll be invited to attend a pre-training workshop via zoom on Sunday, May 7th at 7:30PM. While optional this is HIGHLY encouraged in order to hit the ground running, particularly for those who have not studied with us in the past. 

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