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Kayla Medina


I aim to cultivate a practice that leaves the ego behind and allows me to be curious, non-judgmental and open to learning what yoga can teach me about my mind and body. I try to understand my body’s limits and I enjoy exploring that by pushing myself, mindfully, in my practice in order to learn and grow. I love arm balances and inversions and balancing postures – I find that it takes me to a place of stillness and pushes me both mentally and physically. I truly understand yoga to be journey and every time we step on our mat we are practicing. The shapes we take don’t have to be perfect, or look exactly like the person next to us. It is about experiencing the sensations of the pose and what it can do for our bodies. One of the most important things I want people to remember in our practice is to not compare yourself to others. The point of doing yoga isn’t to be “good at it”; its for yoga to be good for you.

Shortly after I started taking yoga several years ago I realized how passionate I was about the practice. I couldn’t get enough, and would take as many classes during the week as I could fit into my schedule. I began teaching friends and family because I wanted to share my practice and enjoyed teaching. After I graduated college I decided to get certified to teach because I knew I still had so much to learn and I wanted to immerse myself even further into my passion. My goal is to empower my students to try new things, push themselves, respect their bodies and to simply enjoy all the benefits that this practice has to offer.

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