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Upcoming Sessions

Herbal Treatment

Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine

with Annelise K

The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine views health as a place of harmony and recognizes that nothing is good or bad, just in balance and out of balance.  


In this workshop we'll examine one of the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, WATER, as we move into the first day of Water season.  This practice will allow us space to pause, examine the role of nature on Winter Solstice and how water plays within our lives.  Our 90-minute practice will nourish "water" using yin shapes, sound instruments and essential oils, bringing you into the stillness and wisdom of this vast element. 

Thursday, December 22nd at 7:30P in Summerhill
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Critical Self-Study:unpacking bias through an explorations of our origin stories

with Nya Daley

Svādhyāya, self-study, is one of the niyamas of the 8-Limbed path of yoga. It reminds us of the important work of reflection and introspection..and how, only through this work, we can find connection & purpose. Join us as we explore how individuals can embody anti-racism & anti-oppression through the Yoga principle of Svādhyāya. This interactive webinar explores the foundational concepts of anti-oppressive practice including; implicit (unconscious) bias, privilege and White supremacy culture. Participants will be challenged to consider ways they can foster a culture of belongingness in their workplaces & personal lives by critically examining their personal values, social position, and origin stories. 

Saturday, January 21st, On Zoom

Mudra Flow;
exploring the oaths of yoga philosophy

with Annelise K

Did you know the physical practice is part of a larger system, a lifestyle of yoga, that aims to reduce suffering?
The heart of this system includes 8 "Limbs" of yoga, each with a different role and purpose. 
The first limb includes oaths and observances, basically our behaviors internally and externally - called Yamas and Niyamas.

Experience each of the Five Yamas in body, mind and spirit as we move through a 90-minute practice that combines the philosophy of yoga with a steady, powerful, meditative vinyasa flow designed to increase muscle strength and sooth your nervous system.

Sunday, January 8th 12:30-2:00P in Summerhill
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Immersion and Teaching Certification
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