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Danielle Brunson



My vinyasa classes tend to be creative flows that challenge students to build strength and flexibility while allowing time to turn inward. I enjoy bringing current music and playfulness while motivating students to take challenges and push themselves. I approach restorative and yoga nidra as an opportunity to guide students to find stillness and be comfortable there gaining a physical and mental balance.

I teach because yoga was transformative in my life during a difficult time. Coming to my mat gave me a physical practice but, most importantly, taught me strength, resilience, forgiveness, humility and so much more. It gave me an outlet to deal with anxiety and a way to connect with my spirituality. I got certified to deepen my own practice but also to find a way to share yoga with more people who I hope will receive the same benefits.


Certification: 200 RYT

Style/Studio: LifePower Yoga

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