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Richard Bowen

Teacher, 200RYT


Yoga is a collection of poses connected by the breath. Sport is a collection of poses connected by footwork. My style of yoga focuses on using “balanced actions” to help cultivate “optimal alignment” in poses on the mat that hopefully will translate into the practice of life off the mat. 


I teach because so many took the time to teach me, and its from the abundance of my continued studentship that I choose to serve and teach others. I am a certified teacher through Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level and completed the “BODY OF LIGHT” Immersion and Teacher Training in alignment based yoga under the guidance of Gina Minyard. I then continued on to complete an additional 25 hour intensive in Yoga Therapeutics with Todd Norian from Ashaya Yoga


The “journey” is sacred to me. The “process” is sacred to me. There are no short cuts and you can’t skip steps. You can’t get around it, go over or under it, you just have to go THROUGH it!


Off the mat I am either in a gym building my body, in a book building the knowledge of my mind or on a plane traveling to a new destination in hopes of building a wealth of varied experiences.


Training:  Body of Light, Alignment-Based & Yoga Therapeutics from Ashaya Yoga
Certification:  200RYT

Experience:  1 Year

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