{sacred} thread's 300HOUR Training Starts Now.

Our program has five major focus-areas... 
Creativity.  Health.  Energy.  Service+Business.  Voice.  

Craft your path thru all five or create a focus that aligns with your inspired vision.  The {sacred} spark teacher training modules can be taken individually and are excellent to supplement a different focus of study OR can be grouped together for your 300HR certification with Yoga Alliance.  Take programs on your own pace and once you've achieved 300 hours (within three years) you will receive a {sacred} SPARK certificate of completion.  Read on...or Reach out for more info. 

2018 & Early 2019 Calendar

Start Anytime.  4 Mentors  Accepted per Year.  Available as part of 300 HR program or as a stand alone for current teachers seeking growth.

The Sister Science to Yoga. This weekend immersion gives you a Foundation for Life

July 14 & 15

Learning how acupressure & yin yoga can revitalize connective tissue and muscle. 

August 3-5th.

For two weeks in Winter of 2019, join Cat Kabira for an Immersion on holding space & healing energy work in yoga

Join {sacred} Atlanta founder, Annelise Lonidier, for the art of sequencing. Connecting anatomy, energy body and our creative voice to cultivate an experience that inspired

For two weeks in Winter of 2019, join Cat Kabira for an Immersion on holding space & healing energy work in yoga

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30 Hour
Hands On

Each year we offer at least one module in each subject area.  What do each of these entail? 


Creativity.  Ready to go beyond the basics as a Vinyasa yoga teacher?  Our 300HOUR program offers two modules on sequencing -- both designed to unleash YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE and give you the skills to create full class "experiences".     


Health.   Looking to go beyond the studio environment and use yoga in one-on-one sessions, in the community or in specifically-curated workshops?  Modules on subtle body anatomy, meditation, pranayama, & the nervous system will give you tools to use this ancient practice in a powerful way.  While this will make you a stronger teacher in the one-on-one environment, these tools can also be put to use in the studio for the masses.  

Energy. Our training has a huge focus on energy shifts thru deep dives into ayurveda, mudras, chakras, and more.  Mantras are said to have been created by turning in deeply and listening.  The result? These sacred chants.  Learn the stories behind mantras, get deeper into sound therapy as a whole, and develop your comfort-level in making mantra a part of your teachings.  

Service + Business.  We don't view these two words as mutually-exclusive.  In fact, we encourage mindful business practices AND a hefty does of activism.  Our training program is designed to take yoga outside of the traditional US environment of "studio" and into the areas that lack access or most need an infusion of connectivity.  We mentor and provide tools to expand the thinking around how yoga can fuse with modern US lifestyles in workplaces, non-profits and in free spaces in the city.  

Voice.  While our program includes other modules (like trauma-sensitivity, hands on adjustments, etc) - we view Mentorship & Professional Development as our fourth "pillar" because having a personal mentor is a return to the roots of how yoga was passed down.  And also because yoga teachers, as entreprenuers, are often lacking in this sense of connection and personal development. This path is for you if you: are a creative looking to explore a unique path, wish to travel and teach, or want to excel in a studio environment.  


Mentorship; NOW ENROLLING.  

50-hour Mentorship Program

$699 includes 5 required classes at {sacred} thread

Mentorship is an important component of our advanced 300 hour teacher training program.  We encourage EVERY 300Hour student and teachers not interested in our 300HR program but looking to evolve as a professional to consider this program. It is created for yoga teachers who want to improve teaching skills, increase their confidence in the room, create their own signature programs or just grow professionally. The mentorship program is a bridge for 200 hour RYT’s to gain experience that you otherwise may never get.  


This program can be customized for you but is designed to run over 12-weeks and requires a consistent, weekly assignment to shadow your mentor's in studio class.  Next to a consistent practice, which is required, the shadowing experience builds from simply being present as an observer in the room, to adjusting, teaching segments, and eventually teaching full classes.  All the while, your mentor will provide techniques to get you off your mat, feel empowered in the room, integrate themes and sequencing that create an EXPERIENCE for students that goes beyond just physical exercise by yoga.  

You will learn to:

Get off Your Mat and Move Comfortably

Harness the Power of Demoing for Appropriate Portions of Class

Pre-plan and execute creative sequencing

Modify Class Plan on the Fly

Recover When Things Go Astray

Integrate themes into class cohesively

Weave themes fully from start to finish

Analyze the Intersection between How You Communicate and How Your Words are Perceived

Cultivate an Authentic and Empowered Teaching Voice

Post-Plan and Improve after Classes

You will have, by the end of training, taught 2 community donation-based classes within 2 of our sacred thread studios. This will allow you to experience different studio environments and different students.  

Certification is granted to those individuals who fulfill {sacred} thread’s 50 hour requirements to the satisfaction of their E-RYT mentor.  The mentorship meetings and your community classes are held at {sacred} thread yoga.  The program will count as 50 hours toward your 300 hour advanced certification through Yoga Alliance as part of {sacred} thread’s 300HR program once launched.  TO assure quality and one-on-one attention, we only accept a maximum of four mentorships per year.  Space is limited.  

APPLY NOW by Via Email explaining your experience, goals and why you are a great candidate for Mentorship.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle; NOW ENROLLING.  

10-hour Sister Science of Yoga Course

$139 (first Five Enrollments); $169 thru June 25th 

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Ayurveda is the Wisdom of Life, and the sister science to Yoga. A happy healthy life requires a healthy body and mind, for these are the filters through which you perceive life. 


This course will help you to understand what foods, exercises, and daily routines will suit you as an individual. You’ll understand how the mind and body are intimately connected and treated to prevent dis-ease and disharmony in your life. Only by looking at your whole body/mind system can we get to the root cause of disease. Ayurveda is a holistic approach. 


In this workshop, we'll look at:

  • Your “dosha” or specific mind-body type.

  • Specific foods to keep your doshas in balance.

  • Daily practices that will amplify your energy and vitality.

  • The rhythms of nature; how to purify and balance your doshas according to the seasons, for better sleep, and improved moods.

  • Ancient Ayurvedic secrets that allow for increased peace of mind and mental focus.

  • Specific herbs used for particular imbalances.


At the end of this course you will understand:

  • Samkhya Philosophy – Prakriti and Purusha (Microcosm/Macrocosm)

  • The 5 Koshas and how to purify the koshas

  • Doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)

  • What is your Prakriti (original constitution)

  • Dinacharya – Ayurvedic daily routine for a balanced life

  • Ritucharya - Seasonal routine ​

Certification is granted to those individuals who fulfill the in-class time and self-preparation assignment.  This program can count as 10 hours toward your 300 hour advanced certification as part of {sacred} thread’s 300HR program, is eligible for CEUs with Yoga Alliance or can be a stand alone for teachers or students who are looking to gain a foundation in Ayurveda. 


Course Hours are: 

Saturday, July 14th from 1:30-6:30PM and Sunday, July 15th from 12:30-4:30PM

in Old Fourth Ward

Learn More About Chitra Sukhu and Her Background in Yoga & Ayurveda. 


Fascia Yoga & Myofascial Release Part 1with Dirk Bennewitz; NOW ENROLLING.  

August 3rd-5th

25-hour Module

$299 early bird pricing thru May 30th

Through this training you will learn how you can raise injury-free your flexibility and improve athletic performances by yoga and self-bodywork.

We will not  target only the muscles, but the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints.

There is no pain, not even discomfort. Instead, the movements are stimulating and relaxing at the same time.


We will show you how to 

• increase range of motion

• achieve muscular balance and symmetry

- improve performance

- improve quality of sleep

- Improve mental mood

• reduce pain

• reduce risk of injury

• improve posture

• Improve muscle function

• improve circulation

• decrease compression and impingement in the joints.

• Improve energy


This training is a total immersion into the world of the fascia by using fascia yoga and yin yoga practice as well as interactive lectures. 

On the basis of the latest scientific research and therapy it combines yang & yin yoga with myofascial revitalization and strengthening of the muscles 

The western fascia researches and the Taoist meridian theory are among the treasures of human knowledge. 

You will study ancient sources  as well as modern scientific research and you will find evidence of the existence and functioning of the fascia, meridians and Chi. 

You will learn how fascia moved into the focus of modern research and how  it plays now an important role in the world of yoga.


• architecture of the fascia
• fascia as our largest sense organ
• slings & springs: fascia as elastic springs & kinetic memory function
• tensegrity: preload & network of the body
• how the central nervous system relaxes through fascia yoga
• sequencing of fascia yoga flows with and without props
• contraindications
• global tension chains versus local stretching
• fascia yoga practice

Hours of training:

Friday 6PM-9:30PM

Saturday 9AM-7:00PM

Sunday 10:00AM-7:00PM

Certification is granted to those individuals who fulfill all 25-Hours and complete homework and self-guided studies.   The program will count as 25 hours toward your 300 hour advanced certification through Yoga Alliance as part of {sacred} thread’s 300HR program or can be taken a stand alone for teachers wishing to supplement other training programs..  Space is limited.  

Sign up Here.

If you are taking this module as part of our 300HR programming and have not applied to the program, please APPLY NOW by Via Email explaining your experience, and goals.  Please include your 200HR certification, style, current mentors, and details on your current practice.  


SPARK - Embodied Teaching for Teachers

50-hour Creative Sequencing, Authentic Voice & Manifestation Module

November 9th & 16th 6:00-9:30pm

November 10th & 17th 9:00-6:00PM

November 11th & 18th 11:00-7:00PM

There are many ways to practice yoga & because of that, there are even more ways to teach. This continuing education course will help you find and refine your way.  Using “Connection” as a means of teaching the ancient system of yoga, we will focus on what energy means as students and teachers. And beyond this, we will learn how to read energy, hold energy and work with energy when structuring and sequencing our classes.  This immersion & training will move deeply thru the subtle body anatomy of chakras. Examining the concept of chakras beyond just the visual of a spinning wheel, we will dive into psychology, sound and meditation. We’ll begin to understand how chakras imbalances may present themselves and practice tools for aligning our energy body.  Using this knowledge we will assess when we feel most present with our students and how to prevent falling asleep behind the wheel as teachers. We will translate our work on energy into sequencing, structuring and communicating our classes to our students. 

Expect -- to master two ways of planning classes, from a physically-focused standpoint and from an energetic-based approach.  

Expect -- to reconnect to your personal fire.  

Expect -- to begin a habit of manifesting driven by creative power.  

Leave feeling empowered to take your teachings and your career to the next level.  


Led by Annelise Lonidier and assisted by various regional and nationally renowned teachers, this module is carefully curated to empower your teachings and practice.  By approaching classes from a "peak pose" and chakra-based system you'll find compare, contrast and end up with an approach to your classes and privates that truly showcases your authentic voice.  

$750 in Advance ($899 after May 30th).  

APPLY NOW & Read the Full Requirements and Agenda for how this program runs.  

Application can be emailed to Yogi@sacredthreadyoga.com.  Upon acceptance payment is due.  

50 Hour Hands-On Energy Training in Biodynamic Energetics with Cat Kabira; NOW ENROLLING.  

February 22nd-24th and March 1-3rd

hours both weekend:

Friday 4:00-9:00PM

Saturday 11AM - 7PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM

$849 before January 1st, $979 after

Now is our time to begin to be present for one another.

A 2-weekend training in Biodynamic Energetics learning hands-on energy work.

Learn the power of neutrality and listening, how to enter the Field, what it’s like to drop into the undercurrents. Discover how you sense the world of subtle energetics, the backend of what creates reality. Learn the power of trusting yourself as you discover how to see, feel, and hear in a new way. You will leave with skills in how to hold space for someone else and share a 60 minute Biodynamic Energetic Session as well as have a whole new space of transformation sparkling within. As Cat’s students say, “Transformation isn’t just a tagline,” and this week will give you gifts to integrate for months to come.


What are you waiting for?


This training is called “Connection.”. We begin our hands-on work with one another. Our own work with ourselves still arises, as it always will, and we will emphasize as we work with others the importance of our own need to return to ground, our center, our own boundaries as well as personal integrity. In this course we begin to perceive others on a subtler level and watch as that journey unfolds. Connection includes hands-on and hands-off practices as we begin to play with perception in new ways. We discover our personal way to sense and how to trust that as well as how to ensure we are perceiving clearly.


This is your opportunity to experience hands-on subtle energetic work. Perhaps you are already more of yourself and your own sensitivity at this point in your life and want to explore it further. You’re ready to own this deeper and more expansive and inter-dimensional intelligence that takes you beyond the limits of the rational and logical mind and into the Source of Creation.

Now is our time to begin to be present for one another.

These two weekends together are an opportunity for us to do our own work – whether we’re holding space for someone else or being held – both sides are simultaneously having opportunities of being held and healed in the field.

We will learn how to softly enter space so there is safety, trust, and the core of the energetic system can be met. Your hands and senses will go through another up-level of initiation as you learn how to feel sensations in another person’s body without imposing your own will and how powerful and delicate the currents that move through us and through life truly are. Not only will you learn how to hold space for someone else in a profound way, you will experience a whole new level of perception of reality. We will do both hands-on practices as well as working off-body one on one to experience what it’s like to engage with the field. Practice and experience is essential to give you a sense of how to do this work as theory only makes sense later. To support ourselves during the week, we will also do some meditation and movement practices however the emphasis will be on stillness.

We experience how essential being neutral is. We often think that change happens from doing…and in this course we discover the power of non-doing. When we stop doing, we realize that there’s another Source that may have been “doing the doing” all along. We could say this is the initiation into the Feminine power– learning to listen, to stay, to feel, to intuit…and to become familiar with the part of us that wants to move, fix, and change. By learning how to sit with someone else and listen impeccably, we also learn quite a bit about ourselves and in how we habitually interact with ourselves, one another, and the life we are in.

This course may include (and will be modified to suit the needs of the participants) :


  • Refinement of your personal boundaries and exploring what boundaries are

  • How to remain neutral, centered, and grounded while working with another person’s system

  • The art of entering space in a healthy and respectful way

  • Listening with all of your senses and tuning in – particularly with hand-on work

  • Discover where your mind (the need the know, the rational, logical part of your brain) can block this deeper intelligence

  • Working with the tides or currents of the body – following the flow

  • Specific hands-on techniques working with the body from the feet to the head

  • Begin to learn how to work off-body (which we further in our advanced courses)

  • Understanding the wisdom of the body and how it heals itself

  • Staying clear when working with others: understand your projections, transference and the power of perception

  • How to manage your sensitivity and empathic nature in healthy ways

  • Personal transformation and new awareness in your relationship to the world around you


You will leave this course with the skills, tools, and abilities that enable you to work with someone for 60 minutes in Cat Kabira’s Biodynamic Energetics Methodology. This training is capped at 14 participants - Early registration is strongly encouraged to ensure space remains.


30 Hour Hands on Adjustments for Vinyasa Teachers with Mary Dana Abbott; NOW ENROLLING.  

March 29-31st 

Friday 6:00-9:30PM, Saturday 10-6PM, Sunday 10-4pm

$349 in Advance; $479 after February 1st

One of the most accessible and practical ways to develop confidence and skill as a teacher is through the study and practice of hands-on adjustments.  Learn Mary Dana's integrated approach based on anatomical awareness, precise alignment, and body reading. The training consists of practicums where we learn and explore various adjustments, and class practices where you will apply what you have learned. The cumulation of the training will give you the tools to connect with your students on a deeper level, fostering a practical understanding of asana and alignment for both you and them. 



Curriculum bullet points for Website/Poster

Hands on Adjustments for all Asanas

Spatial Awareness &Body Reading

Boundaries & Precautions

Structuring a Private Session

Restorative Assists

About Mary Dana Abbott:

Mary Dana Abbott first found herself on a yoga over 30 years ago when she would go with her Dad to a Hatha class at their local dance center. Since then she has studied and immersed herself in numerous disciplines and styles and was co-creative director and senior teacher at Laughing Lotus NYC for  many years.  She has trained hundreds of teachers at the 200 hour level and beyond and focuses on her specialties in advanced intensives: sequencing and hands on adjustments.  On the mat and in the classroom, she weaves the intelligence of the Katonah and Iyengar methods with the fluidity and grace of vinyasa, giving the student both an appreciation for where they are and a glimpse to the where they can go. Find out more about Mary Dana at www.marydanayoga.com